1. How exciting!! Changing up for fresh and new endeavors. I am happy as long as I still get to see and hear your voice and I am thrilled you will be demonstrating meal preps (it doesn't have to be live).

  2. AJ: you are being way too modest. Your book offers a strategy to overcome a weight loss plateau. I have followed the McDoughall program for at least the last 6 years and lost about 75 pounds doing so. At the same time, I wanted to drop another 20 pounds to achieve what I feel to be the best weight for health and longevity based on the Met Life charts on the correlations between weight and maximum longevity. Following your book's recommendations for the past 3 or so months, I am now within 8 pounds of my goal….after having fought a plateau for over 2 years. I hope to achieve my goal over the next 4 months or so. Thank you!

  3. I like the logo for your sticker that is multiple colors, not all purple, your photo really pops on that decorative yellow background. This 100th video is very informative, as always, love what you are doing for everyone…extremely helpful and supportive!

  4. We have the Secrets to Weight Loss at the library where I work! Good advice. We buy anything we can that people request as long as the budget holds out. We probably need to buy Unprocessed too! Hunterdon County Library in Flemington NJ!

  5. Hi Chef AJ thank you so much for talking so boldly about the truth of it all, I am a recovering alcoholic 5 years now, and you are the first and only person I have heard talk about food addiction the way we talk about alcohol addiction and it needs to be said so thank you, now whether people hear it or get it is a on them however I am so glad you put it out there for people to hear thank you! I have both of your books and I love the recipes thank you for all you do!! I also have Dr. Ferman's books and after reading the Fast Food Genocide, I realized as I work in a grocery, store how much people buy "fast" food!! It's crazy!! I am on a mission to help as many people who want help to eat WFPB again thank you for your brutal honesty!

  6. New subscriber here ! Tks for yr recipes and information.
    Pls can u leave the links where we can buy yr books and LEAVE them there ! Best for you and handy for us !! Tks
    Greetings from Europe

  7. Great idea. You really have said all that can be said and answered all questions many times over. Re environment my family has come on board a lot more, bit by bit, with eating fresh food, hiding anything I can't control and shopping several times a week to buy (mostly) fresh vegetables. Great to be in UWL. It is worth it.

  8. Hi AJ! Love your approach! Question, I love veggies for breakfast although if I start my day with veggies I’m unable to have fruit the rest of the day. I’ve found that with my IBS, I can only have fruit before other foods. If I have fruit post veggies I experience massive pain and bloating. Have you come across this?

  9. Thank you for your presence on YouTube. Saw you at Eat Well to Stay Well and you were great. Down 27 pounds and still working at it. Thanks for the reminder about a clean environment.

  10. No disrespect to Dr.Furman but it is difficult to get someone to trust that what he says is true when the majority of doctors don't say that. Also, everyone knows someone who smoked, ate unhealthy, etc and lived a long healthy life. Most people aren't convinced that they need to deprive themselves of the foods everyone else eats in order to live longer or be healthier.

  11. I was thinking about a solution for cataloging your episodes. What about hiring a couple of college interns that could earn college credit for video editing?

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