1. 😉
    The thing about me is this: I have always known that my happiness ie being silly and outgoing and engaged and curious and rocking purple roller skates doesn't cost others a cent so if anyone looks at me sideways for just following my bliss? I don't care.
    And CONTROL? Heh. Good luck.
    Nice try.
    That's not to say I'm not open to better ideas- but I have my own mind. Saying 'You're right' comes easy when someone is RIGHT. When I screw up I own it. Being Canadian I say sorry every 5 minutes anyway 😂😂
    But…don't underestimate me.
    Too many well-intentioned people mistake my kindness for weakness.

    They learn. If necessary?
    They learn.

    And know how you know I can be trusted? Animals and kids and addicts and the vulnerable love me. And I them. I treat everyone the same. But if a douche brings out the dragon in me I will s@@@ on their windshield. Gemini tend to not give f-one that way lol.

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