1. Pro Tip: For those who want a slightly more "Advance" version of this work out…Simply Click on the "Gear" that appear on the bottom right of the screen, when you pause on the video –( while on PC), Then select the "Speed Option" and set it to 1.5 seed. This will bring it up to a normal tempo/speed. And if you on your smart phone/tablet…click on the 3 dots on the top of the video an fallow the same steps :).

  2. You saved me i hate gyms mostly because of spandex…I am over 60 have exercised all my life and love to keep healthy strong and reasonably fit but health issues are creeping this will help me.

  3. I was in great shape, and like many times before, I got complacent with my success, and back came the weight,
    the lack of energy and eating the wrong things. Thank you for this video as a starting point to get myself back to where
    I belong, being fit and feeling energetic.

  4. Marat
    I'm 79, I'm doing this workout 1 month. It seems to me very good, encouraging and dynamic. I use 3 pounds weight. Video is very helpful for doing from start to finish. Thanks a lot Coach Kozak

  5. I really appreciate your workouts – they are all so easy to adjust according to our fitness level but also our fatigue – works the whole body at any pace you want – all in 15 minutes – You are making a difference in the lives of many – bravo

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