1. i don´t have real anxiety (thank god) but i just feel so restless and uneasy and my belly kinda hurts like when u´re nervous and i don´t know why, but now i´ve discovered this and it somehow makes me feel so safe and calm, thank you. <3

  2. It feels good to know that I am not as alone as I feel sometimes. This is my second semester in college and I have been getting hit with horrible panic attacks out of the blue. Shaking, hard to breathe, chest hurting, and the feeling that I am going to vomit. It happens so much more than I'd like to admit and no one but my boyfriend knows. It hurts so much that sometimes I worry that something is seriously wrong with me, but I'm afraid to tell or go to a doctor. I just want it all to stop I want to escape to a work where people don't leave and things go according to plan. I want to go to a world without deadlines or graduations or expectations. I want to take the people I love with me. I want to be able to live a normal healthy life without having to keep a secret journal about all the anxiety attacks I've had. This music helped for a little while but my attack has returned now. Thank you all for showing me I'm not alone in this fight.

  3. Ive had constant dhiaria and awful stomache pain for 3 years. was diagnosed with celiac disease for 2 years thinking i was alergic to gluten.. the doctors were wrong, so i went to a specialist to get a endoscopy. And it turns out i have irritable bowl syndrome wich is caused by anxiety,stress, and depression. I still get bad stomache pain and dhiaria so bad it makes me tear up and im a 20 year old man like i can take pain but this is on a whole different level. I need tips to help my anxiety.. because its killing me internally and im so helpless i feel like a potato.

  4. In 3 minutes I'll have to do maths with my dad. It doesn't sound very scary, but sometimes I just don't get it and he gets mad and a little loud and sometimes I have to hold back tears and I just can't stand it. He doesn't understand, in the end of the day he'll be saying things like it wasn't that bad after all and stuff but I just hate it I really really hate it I'm scared I'm anxious I guess I'll fail this year. I feel terrible right now and also I'd like to tell my parents I'm depressed but they've always known me as a happy and carefree child which I'm not anymore, I haven't been truly truly happy for more than 6 months now and I just don't know what to do I think about suicide on a daily basis I just want to end it all because everything just hurts I'm so tired but my parents just think I'm lazy and I just can't tell them.

  5. This is a dope comment section where niggas get to talk about deep shit and that’s something crazy to me I lost a lot in my life and I’m listening to this to calm me down because I’m getting scared of a fight I got tomorrow wish me good luck and I wish good luck to the people that are listening to this

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