1. Greetings! Your video just popped up in my home feed. The 30 day ‘challenge’ looks great! 😀
    Did the first 10 minutes of Day 1 just to get the feel to see whether this is doable for me, it is so I’ll officially begin Day 1 tomorrow first thing in the morning.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello, DeAndre!🌞 Thank you for your lessons and explanations. I'm a little bit late and start this practice today. Hopefully I'll catch up. I have one question to you. If I have an ache in my thigs after hardly touching my toes what should I do? Can I lose my flexibility after that ache? Please, answer me

  3. Thank you for this opportunity to do yoga online. I live in a rather small city in Ukraine and it's so hard to find yoga classes here. Yoga instructors seem to have this "yoga is just a kind of a work out" attitude. Which i can't agree with! Again thank you for your work! Not sure whether all of the asanas are diastasis recti friendly but I'll try anyway!

  4. First time doing yoga stretches…had to stop midway😣😣! One never realises how stiff they are till it's time to touch the toes😄😁😆😆! Thanks for this 30 day challenge..am determined to see it through👌!

  5. Day 1 complete. Thank you very much DeAndre. Great for a beginner like me. Love the words of encouragement in between. "You are stong!" Yes, I am!! Hope I can keep up with the next 29 days. Can't wait to continue this journey.

  6. Great first day, Dandre. Wondering if you have a set time you’ll be releasing these each day. Also wondering if you’d be able to release the next day’s video before you go to bed so that early risers like me can do the day’s video when we get up. Would love to do these before going to work.

  7. DeAndre!!! Thank you so much for this practice. Your guidance and words of kindness to ourselves really resonates. I look forward to the next 29 days of practice with you. 🧘‍♀️

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