1. I apologize to Loyola oncologist Dr James Clark. For dumping my rage on him and his resident regarding 4 years of oral chemotherapy and by it not being said to me. I was have all the sy.mptoms and actin out depression rage. Self pity and self. Destructive action of a sick person. I got so work I gave away my dog because I didn't know I was being treated. 4 year of thyroid medicine. The first. Three levels produced. Brain damages an I began hearing 247 a junkie who had beenbreaking in while I sleep put. Recievers where implanted in ears and around. As I sleep with sleep. Meds for chronic insomnia the meds really work to knock me out. I was born with the sleep disorder from birth. My mom is a alcoholic addict for most of her life. Inth fiftys. On guns passed out tranquilizers like the y were candy to keep there emotional under. Conrtrol I was born malnourished underweight sickly with alot of allergies. Every adult had a addiction and mental illness. Ther was OCD borderline depression self pity with all of us fighting to get attention from 2 empty adults and 3 to 5 other adults that l
    Ived in our 2 story apartment buildings. Aunts uncles cousins step brothers lived in a 2 story 6 room half of the build with the remaining 2 apartments were rented out to strangers. I had a repressed memory of being molested by my dad. the tub. It stopped around ours of age. My mom dug her sharp nails into me when beining force to change my diaper from the night at 4 am before dad left for work. I decided to walk out of dirty diapers so Id feel better. The adults kept stepping in then . so my diaper was charged at 4am. Weekdays. Yaaay! Food was poorqualiy and small amounts to keep us thin. 4 girls and a. Confused boy that. Eventually went transgender as he could be out of parents violence. It didn't work. I left home at 14 to lived with older sister and get. To do after school child care for my first .nephew in pgh. It was heaven. Calm fun not hostile except when her husband decided to make. A. Scene As an addict with a Harley. God does that care of fool s. and babies. And everyone in between. Thank you Namaste God gives us peace inside. Slowdown or go down. That what the invitation card reads. Enjoy your in breath and your out breath. Has God have a plan for. your life!😄🐪👣🎉

  2. Now is all there is. This breath is the only reality. Ptsd can't be healed. When thoughts come to hurt turn them away quickly through love and forgiving self for carrying past pain into this joyful breath. God is love and that's my original state of being born.love is all there is. No one is to blame for the sickness of another anywhere. I am my priority in life. Just be don't give negativity a fork. And knife and invite it to dinner. God keeps his promises. When God brings you to it he means to see you through it. My God is amazing one of a kind and so am I. I've always been enough. It is what it is.! Thanks God and all humanity. Pobodys. nerfect. Me most of all. Ms Miricle🐪 God bless you all! Just for today.

  3. Felt so emotional,one moment I was at peace then in floods of tears then brought back to peace again once more,must have let go of any emotional pain/hurt that I was harbouring at the time xxx

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