1. Yay, I crushed this to the end!! This was a pretty intense, challenging workout, and I am happy to say I completed it. It was pretty tough doing those moves 5 times in a row.That's where you get to see your endurance getting challenged! Woo hoo!

  2. I did it too🤗i worried that it might be not strength-intense enough, as I skipped the gym today. But now i have to say that it was more fun than gym exercising! I need strength and stamina for dancing, so this was perfect! Thank you!

  3. Girl, I crushed it! Thank you so much for an awesome workout! This is my first time here, I've been working out for a long time, and looking to switch things up. So I did a search and found you. So glad I did, and I'll definitely be back !

  4. CRUSHED IT!!! I haven't worked out in a few days and have been out of the groove with my eating habits but this KICKED MY BUTT AND MADE ME FEEL ALIVE AGAIN! Hands down one of my all time favourites! Thanks Sydney! I'm so glad to have found your channel 🙂 x

  5. I crushed it. This one had to me favorite so far. I love when it is so difficult that I am not saying nice words towards the end and feel like I am about to get sick. It means I pushed myself more then normal. Thanks for these amazing workouts.

  6. This is my first workout of yours, so my first crushed it! 🙂 2 of the trainers I've been following on youtube have either dropped their content from the platform or are taking a hiatus. I'm glad I found you, and am looking forward to more of your workouts.

  7. Crushed it!! I'm so glad you pushed me all the way to the end, I LOVED the snowboard jumps, honestly! 😀
    You are by far my favourite fittness youtuber. You always know what to say to keep me going, and I never get bored during your workouts…actually, I'm always looking forward to do another one after I finish it, so thank you so much! Love you!

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