1. This movie sucks! what Philosophical thing does it have? Idiots humans going into an unknown planet without protection? Aliens getting their arse kicked and thrown into space again?

  2. I liked how they put in subtle details for forshadowing. Once I saw David coming out of the temple with the cut on his face, I instantly knew he disguised himself.

  3. thumbs-up…remember: there was an angry group of people slagging this film regardless of how great this film is. Watch it and judge for yourselves, please. I loved it.

  4. What the oh my god oh my god I need really buy this movie and my is my dad hasn't not enough money then I would just wait a little longer and keep this inside my history so I can keep it and then if my dad gets a lot of money then I can buy it but if she doesn't then I'm going to be sad if you still doesn't have the money

  5. I love all the references to the past Alien movies. Ridley is a truly awesome story teller. The one big thing that confuses me is how was David capable of producing those facehugger eggs without a queen. Did he somehow use Shaw?
    There were thousands of eggs on the Nostromo in the original Alien whuch apparently takes place 300 years in the future of this movie, but here are eggs. Hope Ridley can elaborate.

  6. I wish I could get my money back. This is one of those movies that require you to overlook a lot of really stupid stuff.
    Ridley Scott needed a paycheck REALLY bad to produce this over bugeted and overstuffed dog!

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