1. Day 12! It was a little bit difficult to know what to do with the chin during the wall poses, and I got a few cracks in my back when changing from one pose to another but it didn't feel harmful at any moment 🙂 Thanks Tim!

  2. Wow! absolutely amazing start to my day and very challenging. Thank you Tim and Carolyn for showing us the right way to prep our bodies for shoulder stand. I love it! Tim you are very inspiring and I'm going to finish this challenge. Then start saving to take one of your workshops in person. Have a blessed day! Namaste!

  3. I love your clases Tim, this is my second 30 days challenge, I am learning a lot about being patient and follow my breath and I have used this at work when I am stressed. Thanks for doing these challenges, just finishing this one hopefully by then you have the next one up!! From all the Yoga channels this is the best, you explain well, you follow a nice pace and tone of voice, altogether really good. The style, the pace and the way you do it is amazing! thank you.! Namaste.

  4. Thank you for your thoughtful and thorough instruction. I obtained my 200 yoga teacher training last December at The Lotus Pond Center for Health in Tampa, Florida. The training was excellent, and I am very choosy about yoga teachers. I really enjoy your online classes and appreciate your attention to detail when it comes to body alignment. Namaste!

  5. Killer! Loved it! I am stoked on this challenge! Your style of teaching is really helping me build a strong foundation and giving me the motivation to challenge myself in my yoga practice like never before! Keep up the awesomeness!

  6. So I have a shoulder issue. Perhaps a labarum tear (the doctors are still guessing)… is it safe to practice the shoulder stand? Does it help? I did not experience too much pain while doing this.. and I am taking it slowly.

  7. Tim, thanks so much!! I've got an extremely weak neck and upper body that I've been doing physical therapy for for the last 6 months, so I did the first week of the challenge twice before going into the second week. But I'm noticing things that I did with difficulty before I'm starting to lose the difficulty! I had to be super careful about neck raises for abs (and didn't do a lot of them), and careful about extending my arms above my head while laying down, but I was able to do both today. Really cool to see progress. Cheers man

  8. I've been doing your yoga faithfully for 3 months now. I can do everything but get my hamstrings to release so that i can fold forward and look like you, jacob, and caroline. Should i do extra practice each day with the strap? Or will it come naturally over a few years time? 20 years ago I did martial arts and could do full splits both sides so I know that my legs have done it in the past.

  9. Absolutely loving the challenge Tim, although some days I just can't fit it in! Most days though :/. Your easy going but precise instructions are spot on, and love the way you describe the way I should be feeling in each pose. Being male, it's great to relate to you too in that way. Thanks so much.

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