1. Great videos and appreciate the time and effort you take to connect with your audience. I hope you can clear up my confusion when it comes to structured training and what's best. I'm planning on doing some short TT's (10 & 25m) from around April onwards, a couple of longer gran fondo events as fast as possible around June-August and potentially a 3-day race in September. Right now, I've got next week as my final week away with work for the year, then I can really up the turbo training after that. But what's best to do?

    But, if I had to pick one area I'd like to get better at in general, it's to hang with chaingangs/fast group rides every week, as I believe having that speed endurance as a base would serve me well for other challenges.

    Would doing polarized [couple of sessions/hours VO2 Max and above, then Z2 for the rest] or threshold work, or a combination of the two be better for me? I've read so much saying polarized is better in nearly all cases, but I've mostly done threshold and then mimic the event closer to it. In hindsight, this method has been OK but I haven't really improved that much – but would doing that for 6-10 weeks consistently [foregoing more fun aspects such as Sunday club rides where zones can't be controlled due to pace] be the right thing to do right now? ADDED: I'm 46, have 8-10 hours/week for training. Many thanks!

  2. I have done a number of self-supported 12 hour road races (Calvin's Challenge in Ohio) and I typically fuel the entire 12 hours on Infinit bottles. Infint is a great energy drink with a low flavour profile so you don't tire of it or cause stomach issues. But after 11+ hours of continuous riding, I agree you need some variety. I have found that beef jerky, fresh fruit, avocados etc are a nice addition.

  3. Gearing selection can be calculated from speed and cadence. In MTB conditions speed sensor data would be necessary though, cause GPS speed can get messy in dense wood.

  4. In addition to addressing the low volume of the video, I would greatly appreciate bookmarks on the video marking the topics covered. There are several topics covered in the video that I am interested in but others are not as pertinent to me. I don't have time to watch the entire video, and viewers need a way to find the part they need to hear.

  5. Thanks for answering my question. I'm a 205lb guy wanting to do XC…lol.. I have a magnetic trainer. Just curious as to what resistance setting to put it on in order to accurately depict the wattage I'm putting out. Currently Trainer Road has my FTP at 549 and I know that's not close to being right. Any suggestions?

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