1. Hi Peta, I must say you look amazing, lovely skin. I have I just finished the 6 weeks routine. Do I now choose another 5 exercise starting from forehead to neck for 2 weeks. Wishing you a happy new year.

  2. Hi peta, I am just at the end of my first two weeks with doing 50 repsand i am using the neck and jowls exercise where you jut your chin out like an underbite. In your instructions, I should now take the same exercises and go up to 100 reps for the next two weeks. My question is, am I allowed to change the neck exercise that I have been doing to the one above with the tongue, or keep what I have been doing for the next two weeks changing the reps, or can I even add this in addition or is that overworking the area?

  3. This is the perfect exercise. I have a slight wattle under my chin that I've been self conscious about and working out at the gym has not made a difference. This along with the full face routine and your neck exercises is helping greatly to firm my neck and the annoying wattle lol. Thanks Peta for all your amazing work and giving us your time and effort. Again, so happy to have found you on YouTube. I am here to testify that these exercises really work! If anyone makes the commitment to do them daily they WILL see results. I am five weeks into it and I am thrilled by what I am seeing. My friends love them too as well as my 76 year old mom. Just seeing the transformation in your before and after pics got me started. You are stunning! XX

  4. Hi Peta, I like this one and can feel working, should there be a need for concern with marionette lines doing this exercise at all? Perhaps should isolate this area? or is it good for this area too? Lana

  5. Hi.. i recently came across your video and your excercises look very effective….i wanted to ask that how long should i do this excercise in a day and how many times ? Im 30 right now but hv a very small face due to which i have a double chin.. want to get rid of it as fast as possible.. thanks

  6. Hi Peta!!! Love This One!!! One Can Really Feel It Working!!! Amazing!!! How This Simple Movement Can Move All Those Muscles…Thank You So Much!!! Energy Of Health And Prosperity Upon You!!! Blessings!!!!xxx

  7. The exercises you've created a very beautiful face. I wonder how much time you spend daily for exercise and how many years you used, that you have achieved such impressive results?

  8. Wow! Love this excercise! Can really feel it, can't wait till my 6 weeks are up to change to this double chin exercise. Thak you so much for this video.-Barbara

  9. Was just going to mention that is has been 12 weeks doing the same neck exercises…now will switch to this. Looking forward to it. Thank you Peta.

  10. i hve a question miss peta ! i have lil bit of swellness on my cheeks i mean upper my jaw sides of my lips only a point type but its looks weird .. i knw its not swellness but i dont know what it calls .. can u tell me whats is this and how to get rid of these please ..

  11. Hello Peta, I have recently subscribed to your channel and I really like your videos and all the information that you are so generously sharing. I have been doing facial exercises for about 5 years and have had some results but there are still areas that could do with a lot of improvement. The program that I have been doing uses quite heavy resistance but few reps so I an thinking that it may be better to use your five principles with lots of reps and holding at the end for the lactic burn.

    I also really lika the way that you incorporate positive thinking into your philosophy and I'm looking forward to looking better and better every day even though I am over 60.

    Best wishes

  12. Desr Peta I have a question and a request… I try to do the strong routine eveyday but I dont want plump cheeks. In fact ı reallly want to have a thin and small face . Do you think I should omit cheek plumper ? And which exercise do you suggest for thin cheeks? When it comes to my request, could you put a few different execise along with me videos so that we can change the exercise after 6 weeks… Thanks foe great videos again…

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