1. your workouts are always awesome, plus you don't chit chat and talk outside the box at all! When I want to work out, I want to work out, I don't want the personality stuff. Gratitude.

  2. So this workout basically destroys the lower-body and its ok on the core, but goes way too easy on the upper-body, so its somehow unbalanced for a full-body workout. Still, an awesome and very hard one, if you don't die trying..!

  3. WOW okay I've been working out with some of the other GymRa videos for a few months now and while I find them challenging I can still do them… this one was easily the hardest video I've ever done!! I had a really hard time keeping up and a few I couldn't even complete, but I gotta say, I am WORKED. This woman is a beast, hot damn!

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