1. Hello, I will avoid the 'clever comment' as you suggested but your video does shed light on some points that I think merit further study. You say at the beginning of the video that the secret to learning English is to learn like a native speaker. Well, yes, but that's rather like saying 'the sky is blue' or 'fish swim'. Do you not think that the people watching this video want to know exactly how to do that, how exactly does the human mind learn and acquire language, not just English?
    The answers are out there. The literature exists. We have enough knowledge today of how the brain works to know how we learn language. The strange thing is that unless you read this literature, you are probably as much in the dark as anyone else about language learning. For instance, did you know that babies are not exposed in 'full immersion' to language? Instead they are exposed primarily to only one component of language: the imperative. Did you know that there is a strong correlation between language and body? Did you know that in order to learn to speak a language you should NOT speak it but listen to messages that are immediately comprehensible? I mean the list goes on, and I just don't feel you addressed any of these questions in your video. Anyway, keep up the good work. Good luck. Alexander

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  3. I really enjoyed the video. You’re a very good teacher. I teach English in Thailand, end it can be difficult. Not to be negative in anyway because your work is very good but a little constructive criticism is maybe you might want to slow down a little bit your explanations are spoken very quickly. And perhaps simplify your explanations. I think would help a lot. I played this video tonight from my upper intermediate class earlier conversation English conversation class. It was difficult they just couldn’t they couldn’t keep up with your conversation. They really enjoyed the video and they did get the benefit of the vocabulary and more able to use the others and exercise to research the words that you presented. But I really believe that if you simplify the explanations and slow down I think would be for more productive. I constantly have to check myself because when I teach I I get excited and all of a sudden I realize that I’m just talking way too fast. So this is a common problem, even for me. Please don’t feel like this is a negative comment. I really appreciate people critiquing my teaching style and method. So I hope you take it that way. It’s a great video thank you

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  5. If you want to become a fluent english speaker fast and for free . I have an effective recipe for that:

    – Change all of your operating systems (PC and smartphone) and applications (facebook, youtube etc.) to english.

    – Read every text you see in english aloud and translate with the google translator every word you don't know and practice pronounciation with google translator for words you don't know how to.

    – Play social games or discuss with people on forums, youtube, online chats etc.

    – Also make sure that you always search for information in english, listen to english speakers or music (with lyrics or subtitles on at first), what ever is it you like to do and force yourself to listen carefully spoken english.

    Make it a habit and you will get results in no time. I Promise! I'm not a native speaker either. I'm self taught english speaker. Not fluent yet but becoming better everyday.

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