1. I’ve been having huge surges of depression as well as panic attacks and emotional breakdowns recently and out of desperation, I looked up reassuring affirmations. This was one of the videos that showed up and I’m so very grateful that it did. About halfway through I started crying; everything I’ve been going through feels like it’s killing me and therapy just isn’t an option currently, so this guided meditation helped immensely. Thank you so much for uploading this: I genuinely think I would’ve ended up in a very bad place mentally and physically without this sort of intervention. Much love <3

  2. what has saved my behind many times – when i have some terrible pain ( kidney stone) i lay on my back and focus on the pain and at parallel i tell my body to relax with each exhale – keep focusing on the pain ( pain can not hurt you ) – now imagine a beam of light coming down into that pain spot – keep focusing and relaxing as each breath – now feel the pain focus on it then imagine it shining in the light – brighter brighter – cells glow – atoms radiate light ………………………..this works on anything by deeply focusing on the feeling of pain you can move to the vibration level and you will feel something different – next stage is you will see it visually in lights – this is where you heal it permanently- yes my kidney stone never pained again – i think it de-materialized ** rule no1 is relax deeply – everything is possible when you do

  3. Love your voice helps me relax still. You were a great help when my baby was ill i ended up getting ill, constanly caring and worrying about her to a point i stopped eating, sleeping and struggling to hear what people were saying. I was boarder line dangerous. This video helped medication and remembering when i was a kid watching the beautiful clouds in the sky and their shapes helped me come back. It all helped me that and my baby getting better 😁😁 keep up the good work medication always help a speacial tool.

  4. “you are more than your thoughts. You are more than your reactions” this helped calm me down as I was building up to a panic attack. Works better than Xanax and I’ve listened to it so many times. Thank you!!

  5. As someone who also suffers from major depression I can tell you for a fact that at least 50% of it is mental. ie playing out episodes in your mind over & over. Break that pattern & you're half way there.
    Pristiq is a brilliant drug with less side effects than Effexor.

  6. Thank you Michael Sealy for making this meditation. I sometimes get myself in to a destructive pattern of over thinking. In this case, the unsaid things I need to say to may partner after. A break up. The thoughts would go around and around, literally driving me nuts and preventing me from focusing or achieving anything. I had to do something. That's when I found this video. My initial thoughts were that it was a bit long and I really only listened about halfway though on that first day. But afterwatds I immediately felt my mind was calmer and more relaxed. I was no longer habitually running over the same old thoughts. Your meditation helped me to break that cycle. The next day I did the meditation again, and the next day, each time listening longer and longer.

    It's now been about a week and while I do have the occasional negative thought still, by and large able to focus my attention on more positive things and progress with other areas of my life. On occasions when I do start to think negatively, I catch myself, observe and then redirect my attention to more beneficial activities. The 40 minutes I invest in this each day saves me wasting the entire day.

    To anybody dealing with rumination (I hadn't even known there was a word for it) I implore you to give this a try. I hope that it helps you in the way it has done for me.

  7. I love all your videos but for some reason, this video is like magic for me. It brings such relief, mentally and emotionally but physically also. My anxiety today was making it impossible to relax or sit still, and I was sure my throat or chest was becoming constricted. I tried everything before coming back to this incredible tool. I cannot express my gratitude. Please continue your work and know that you are literally saving lives. ❤️

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