1. I listened to this while doing yoga – listening to something helps me to focus on my body and breathing – and I have never felt so relaxed after! I almost dozed off while in Shavasana 😅

  2. Oh, wonderful! Your seasonal meditations are among my favorites. I love the Autumn Village, the Summer Lands and the wintery Log Cabin. Hoping you create a springtime guided visualization one day, with bluebells and lambs and dewy hedgerows tangled with eglantine. Looking forward to this tonight. Thank you for your artistry! 😊🍂🍁🙏

  3. Oh thank goodness for the honest guys. I've just had the most horrible evening and this is my favourite kind if video from you guys and I am so ready to hunker down and listen. Thank you!

  4. Aw nice. I wanna live there 😊. I love autumn and cosiness; this is very hygge. Plus I used to burn applewood in the fire in my bedroom years ago so could really smell it. Another bit of genius from these wonderful guys.

  5. I haven't even watched this yet but I'm gonna go ahead and like it…I know I'll love it as my favourite video from you guys is the autumn village. I'm sure it'll lull me into sleep when I move to my new flat next week as my partner can't come with me. Thank you so much for making these videos and providing me with comfort when I feel I have little

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