1. Can u give me some advice, I'm trying to get a flat stomach but I have like a beer belly that is genetics, I'm only 115 pounds right now and have been working out daily but my belly is still there, what should I do

  2. Hi Rebecca I dont know if youll see this question, but Ive read on forums that working the abs makes the obliques/waist bigger… Considering that I am apple shaped and want a thin waist, should I still regularly do abs workout or not (I also eat properly ofc but I would like some well defined abs too)? Your videos are great BTW👌👌👌

  3. Hi Rebecca, I have been doing ab workouts pretty regularly for about 2 months now and pretty eating clean for about a month but I still do not have abs how I want them. Any suggestions on what I could do? I am about 135 pounds. My abs are also never sore for more than 5 minutes, even though I feel the burn while I am doing workouts. Thanks

  4. Rebecca, how long did it take you to get abs? I started doing your ab workouts just a couple of days ago and have done them everyday since but I'm just wondering how long it will be before I start seeing results

  5. Hi Rebeca! Luv your personality, your workout, and your lovely little dog!!!lol   Just wondering where can I find the yoga mat that you used in this video?

  6. Hi Rebecca, I was wondering how many times a week should I do this workout? And how long does it take to see results?? Thank you so much for sharing this video!

  7. I have one problem. I do exercise, walking, hiit, hiking and I lose 4kg, but I cant lose fat around belly. Dont know what to do, becasuse I really want lose belly……. Thanks for any advice

  8. This is such a GREAT workout! I love all of the integrated weight training. It would be really nice to have a video that targets the upper abs/ squishy under boob area. You are amazing! Keep the videos coming 🙂

  9. Hello Rebecca, thanks for this awesome workout😍😍😍😍. I have a question plz, now I decided to go to a GYM to shape my body, but I feel like in the gym, my muscles are burning just during practicing on the machine. but my body is not hot , there is no sweat and Im not out of breath and I feel that Im just moving my muscles. So I want to know ur opinion, shall I stop going to a gym and keep practicing with you? and What is the importance of practicing on machines that have weight? Thanks in advance 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤

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