1. That burn on ur hand brought back memories of that hot oil burn u got a loooong ass time ago when ur sis had to bring u to the hospital! I think it was from ur food truck days! Ilysm ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  2. Predictions: 30 year old Diana will have graduated from college and starting a business. She’ll be engaged to a person worthy of her and planning a wedding. She will be uploading weekly vlogs and videos, and her podcast Screw It will be poppin so companies will send her free wine to try and critique.

  3. Oh my god girl your perfect every girl wants to be better but seriously your freaking gorg…..i started to try and run yesterday funny as hell 6 minutes i was like done lol

  4. Hey you passed my house there’s this really good pizza place in highland park right there near the theater called follerios that place is bomb you should try it out

  5. I just have a doubt did you deleted the video about your job or its because iits not available in my region ? Just asking cuz i saw it on my feed and now i cant find it

  6. I don’t enjoy vlogs & stuffs, because i don’t relate to anyone but you emit positivity. Or maybe its just the social media. LOL!

    No you don’t need to lose any weight, you’re cute!! Takecare 😘

  7. I don’t even know where I’ll be in 3 years lol but I gotta say all I hope to see is happiness and clarity for my life and yours. It’s so essential yet so broad and that’s the beauty. I hope life takes us where we need to go in order to grow. 3 years let’s be stronger and wiser versions of the people in the mirror today. 💪🏼🔮

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