1. You eat the same breakfast everyday… How dare you judge me being too lazy to make breakfast lol. I love Soylent & this video! I like how your friends are so used to you doing strange things they are unaffected now. "They haven't even noticed I'm wearing this vest." 😂

  2. the airport comment at the end. i'm dead lol. i also enjoyed the vest jokes. the fact that your friends didn't realize that you were wearing a weighted vest just proves that they are used to your outrageousness or they are weird lol. 🤗🤗👊👊

  3. Yeah I could've told you this wouldn't change your jumping ability. For increased jumping, make every day leg day. I played basketball in high school and that's basically what I did whenever we were in the weight room. I spent the majority of my time doing squats, leg presses, and the leg machine (the one with the weights on a "string"). It worked cause I was the only guy of my class that could dunk (I'm 6'3").

    That's an idea for a challenge: make every day leg day!

  4. Oh man, Blue Eyes, there's so much I'd love to ask you about this. A lot of the physical changes you described, particularly about the mental strain of having the extra weight when there was nothing occupying your conscious mind, that's pretty much my experience with my chronic back pain (perhaps without the pain part, but eh, I wouldn't wish that on anyone).

    If you really want to challenge yourself, have you considered sleeping with it for a few nights? It's a large part of why I'll play XBox, watch Netflix or Stan etc, late into the night. It's what physical therapists call "distraction therapy". I would so love to get your thoughts on it!

    See you back on the twittersphere. <3

  5. Great Challenge. Also, an unexpected insight on one of the the difficulties of being a war fighter. Stuck wearing something heavy and cumbersome every freaking day.

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