1. To be honest, i hate that you have to sit and defend who u both are as people not everyone is comfortable on camera, that's true but for me it was part of why i watch because it made u guys real. I love watching u guys together and seeing both of u grow on camera. Gonna miss the 2 of u together on YouTube… along with some cringy/cheesy moments.

  2. I respect you guys for doing what you guys need to do to make yourselves comfortable and for doing what's best for your relationship. A lot of couples on YouTube continue to make content together even though it's putting a strain on their relationship for views. The fact that you guys are doing the opposite of that is amazing. I applaud you guys👏

  3. I'm sad 😔 I really enjoyed the content the both of you delivered
    But i mainly subscribed because of Danielles sense of humour and her animated personality. But I'll still tune in to see your individual videos. love you guys 🖒

  4. , I don’t mean to be rude I noticed uu kept interrupting him at times and spoke over him. ( no hate ) it’s just an observation. Much Love~~🖤🖤

  5. I somehow found yall while you were on your hiatus. I watched a ton of videos. Yall are infectious and refreshing. Apparently, yall are also smart. As someone who dated 5 years and has since been married 26 years, you have to take care of individual health before you can take care of each other.

  6. I’m looking foreward to Jason’s channel and please don’t freak out about making your own stuff, it’s gonna be awesome. You have an amazing personality and you’re super creative!

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