1. next year ill have anew sitting position im just finishing some study now, I have pain on right shoulder, going down to arm and fingers, shoulderblades, and even in the centre back and right side… my physo and osteopath gave me some of these excercises I guess its about repetition. im going to go and watch your sleeping one now, as im having trouble on one side

  2. Omg I'm in the worst pain of my life right now. Shoulder neck pinched nerve. Happens maybe once/twice a year. Started at midnight. I can't sleep. It's 3am now. Trying these exercises. It usually lasts a solid 5 hours before it subsides. I took some melatonin and ibuprofen pm to sleep but the pain is so bad I can't sleep. This is so horrible :/

  3. After years of suffering and thousands of dollars and spent on traditional orthopedic doctors for my bulging back discs and without success, I discovered The McKenzie Method, which realigned my back and neck in a few short weeks and saved me from surgery. I can now control my back and neck pain at home. Thank you for this lifesaver.

  4. Why these youtube doctors do a better job then all these kinesists you have to pay big bucks and not even listen to you. Only thing they do good these kinesists you pay a lot money is massage and manipulation ( cracking) but depends how many clients they have in their practice otherwise you not even get a normal massage here in Belgium …. Anyway thx guys I'm using a lot of your exercises and I look some other great doctors on youtube to heal my neck injuries ….

  5. I have bulging disks and stenosis from C4-C7, with foraminal stenosis mostly on the right side with displacement at C4&5 and C6-C7. My disk spacings are good according to MRI report. I also have endplate spurring  C4-C6. I'm 44 and do not want to go through surgery but I'm getting radiating pain from neck, down to shoulder blade into bicep that has started within the last week. What are some PT measures I can do at home to help alleviate this pain? I still have full use of the arm and hand. What videos can you recommend besides this video?

  6. so today when i woke up and went to turn over in bed i heard a pop like noise from my neck. now i have pain when i try to turn my head. the pain isnt down my arm it is in the left side arch of my neck and shoulder and also shoots up to my ear based on how far i try to turn my head. is this a pinched nerve?

  7. Do you recommend any of your videos? The point of tension is right where the back of the cranium meets the neck on the left side – started when I was repeatedly on a ladder leaning back, washing a ceiling with sugar soap to prep for painting. This has become a nagging click and pain for close on a year now.

  8. Thank you guys you are so helpful I love your videos they are so informative. You make the experience of getting well comfortable and fun.,love and blessings to you.

  9. These exercises are painful they definitely make things worse for me. I have been having numbness and tingling from my neck to fingers for over a year and a half, with a break of about two months inbetween.
    I saw the nurse she referred me to phisio therapy but as it's free with the NHS I have already been waiting over 6 months.
    If I lay on the opposite side to the pain it is even worse there is no way to hold my arm and it not tingle and feel very weak and numb

  10. Half of my hand has been numb for years from a pinched nerve. The chin tucks gave my hand relief in a matter of minutes and now the recent pain I have had in my arm is gone. Thank you both for this great video post.

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