1. Hare Om, Kino. Thank you for boosting the awareness of this book, it looks incredible! You and Sharathji both have such pure souls and are a huge inspiration. Thank you for your generosity and for always sharing the beautiful gift that is Yoga, with us all. Love, light and Shanti from Tenerife – Namaste @Abhinamyogacenter

  2. Hi Kino ! You Look so beautiful and peaceful in this video 🌟 How wonderful and wise your teacher is 💗 Thanks for share his work.

    I wish you well and send you blessings and love from Germany 🙏🏻😊
    Om Shanti
    Om Peace ✨

  3. Sharath is not intellectual. If I were him I would say this….your chronological age cannot be changed. But your biological age can be different. And yoga reduces your biological age…..blah blah and more blah. May be he should learn this. Because marketing and PR is equally important in today's world.

  4. Hi, Kino. I got into this wonderful world of Ashtanga yoga through your youtube video. And, I have been practicing Ashtanga about a year and half. Thank you so much!! You have changed my life!

  5. Kino, you are a great interviewer. He kept avoiding answering your question, but u went back and addressed it again with such grace. It was a pleasure to watch and I will watch it again. I LIKED it 👍 of course. Namaste.

  6. I know I should take longer breaths but personally I love doing yoga while listening to music so my moves and breathing go with the tempo. Quietness doesnt work for me, just for sleep and study.

  7. Beautiful intention 💕 for someone who came to yoga late & I try to help others & reach out to everyone I’m not a reader but I would surely love this book 📚 sounds so much I cld share with my fellow yogis. 😊

  8. Overall great learning experience with all your videos ms kino. Your quest got me thinking and much appreciate this opportunity to hear him. 🙏 to both of you

  9. I see what he means with inform others about the benefits of yoga asanas and deep breathing, I have tried, but it's kinda like telling people to eat healthier food, it's not that they don't believe that it's healthy, but they just won't do it somehow.

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