1. mike do you think I'm cold outside mimi warmed up our bedroom ok to I we got to move you in soon ok no forget mimimike southing breathtaking to too glad tell mike too got we got Mimi guy gal too couples best friends no more worry the only guy I want to spend the rest of lives with amen allayluya patriots herray yahoo mimi too god glad we with us now forevermore so what about rain lovet love mike kiss in the rain you came sat fell asleep upstairs ring tonight sorry mike Mimi tierd now herray yahoo glad we stated togetherness mike try tonight come up have coffee in morning I know us we better guy gal too terrific fantastic we want to love us everyday every night too mikemimi us to love again mimimike want big hugs kisses yes mimimike are one guy gal too greatest guy gal go to my Washington boat may yup moms day night herray please let's make moms day great darrows mikemimi us too we part of us happy to be with you mike moms day may thirteenth ok we make it Tues off go to ccba after lunch take advance transit ok yup too mikemimi hot cup of happy excited too mike never ever fade away or go away only with each other one mikemimi too mighty mouse clubhouse mikemimi

  2. hi mike come up sooner please mike see mimi your worth more then diamonds too mike git some here we for us mimimike 😎😗😗😎mikemimi greatest guy in our home again tonight secure tonight before we met we need to get to know us better yes now later ten pm am Mon mimi goes to senior center at for nine work it out please Mimi needs mikemimi we won't give up on you and I mikemimi helps us smile again mimi sad this morning please come home ring our intercome say bonjure turns mimimike on going to mimis and mikes too we home only guy quiet ok thankyou mike sweetheart dont want to lose you if I do I lose mimi too

  3. Como siempre, bella música que me acompaña en mi trabajo creando a mi alrededor un maravilloso ambiente de paz, alegría y concentración. Muchas gracias, Tim Janis.

  4. hi mike my sweet guy in like mike first then love you mike having coffee lover forevermore mike mickey my magestic eagle mike only can't wait to see you baby mike your my garden angel my mike my mike tonight not happy without you mike just love walking with you so much miss our walking tonight kisses hugs come home yours now apt mike Mimi meet you at two thirty yes fri at towers outside if raining inside if it is ok thankyou sweetheart towers inside OK bless your heart mike sweethearts us darrows Mimi mimi too oh yes kisses we can sour just like a free eagle yes mikemimi we talk about us no bob just us my mike your mimi now and later try five yes meet beth at three at lebanon houseing office pick up Mimi at two thirty fri afternoon sweetie mimi meet mike at towers outside if its raining outside if not raining ok mimis phone number ok 603 286 0023 ok mike mikes terrific fantastic want we too yes now later too try five pm OK eat Mac and cheese ham and chicken enchilada one left for you in come mikemimi be waiting for you mike love you with all my hearts and soul mates best friends no worrys about us we greatest couple us around your arms again kisses hugs too gods gift to you mimis gift to you on your birthday card keep our bed warmed up mikemimi sopper mikemimi too we mighty mouse strong arms mimis too mikebfor you mike only mimi here happy to have you with mimi togetherness morning sunshine tonight herray yahoo mimi to glad tob we I too

  5. Great news about your upcoming films! I'm sure your love-inspired, beautiful videos will be a great new experience for so many people who may may be in need of spiritual uplifting. They'll get to see the incredible splendour of God's world. Thank you for each specially made video!

  6. Drahý TIme také se za Vás modlím aby bylo Vám tak dobře a mohl pokračovat ve své překrásné práci kterou děláte fantasticky a s úctou a pokorou pozdravujte Rena též pozdravuji Štefan, Eliška a Lucinka na Knoflíky se strašně moc těším ze 💓 Děkuji Vám Štefan!!!

  7. Sweet good night to you my dear wonderful sweet friend Tim.Janis. Happy blessing New days for everyone's in this beautiful amazing peaceful music, Relaxing music Instrumental music "Eagle's Journey "Beautiful sweet music love love love all of your beautiful relaxing peaceful music piano and sweet good night always your friends Yuhara and my Aunt Elena and my very special wonderful husband somewhere in the beautiful country God bless him always love everyone's in this beautiful amazing music and our wonderful dear friend Tim.Janis "***🦅🌞🌈👍😍😍😍😍😍😍👍🌃🙋⚘⚘🌺💋💋💋🦅🦅👍and my dear sweet wonderful Sid.Malh !!God bless you always yuhara love you and miss you lots of my love Akhilesh.ywattson123@gmail.com ❤💑❤❤💋💋👍🦅💋

  8. Oh my goodness! Tim and Mieko! I love this! The music is soooo Heavenly and this is the most adorable video ever! Soooo cute!!!!!!! Thank you soooo much because I really needed some sunshine today and you brought me happiness! I can hardly wait to see your movie Buttons! It sounds perfectly wonderful! YOU really are ANGELS. You brighten the lives of soooo many people! Thank you!!!!!!! You are incredible!!!!!!! Be happy and keep smiling! God bless you!!!!!!! 🙂

  9. Bonjour cher Tim, c'est un magnifique voyage dans l'univers que ton ami l'aigle royal nous fait découvrir par de belles ondes musicales positives……. tout un plaisir relaxant et de bonheur effervescent. Merci encore Tim pour de si belles oeuvres, je suis une fervente fan. Mes amitiés

  10. Hola, magnífico vídeo con el vuelo majestuoso del águila y el bello ramo de margaritas blancas delante de la ventana, y las mariposas. La interpretación del piano tocado con una delicadeza sencillamente impresionante.Que la película sea un gran éxito. " Buttons" Feliz día!! Que la Paz te acompañe siempre Tim. Zaragoza. España.

  11. Dear our Peace Friend Tim, the first release date (21st in November) of your movie "BUTTONS" is a MEMORABLE day for you and us✿ (It's the meaning of previous comment I wrote) 
    This time, I am very happy with your courageous decision about your replies to us. We LIKE your cute "like❤ v^-^v
       ✦*~☆Let's sparkle the Light Wave of Great Harmony of our love and peace into the universe! ! ~*✦ MIEKO &  ELGAR*

  12. No me canso de decirle,que toda su musica es tan hermosa que me llena y alienta tanto en mi estado de animo,que recarga mis baterias y me impulsa a seguir adelante en mis dias cotidianos.

  13. Yes Tim, it's night here…when you add your videos 🙂 l love this video. It is wonderful. Everything is silent and all of a sudden there is a place surrounded by magical, enchanted lands.Beautiful bouquet of flowers. I wish you a wonderful, magical weekend ❤🌼🍃❤🐈
    P.S. I am happy that the movie "Buttons" is coming out on November.

  14. OOOH MY this is so BEAUTIFUL TIM !!!! Thank you so much…We love the way you
    put this lovely video together.. I LOVE Daisies ! I always put White Daisies in my
    home…They are one of my favorite Country flowers ! We love the Eagle flying
    and the way everything looks is JUST BEAUTIFUL ! You are indeed an ARTIST
    and your music is a gift from GOD !
    May God's Light always bring the Sunshine in your Heart Our kind friend…

    Here is a LOVELY POEM to go with your Video !
    " The Heart has many seasons, Just as the Good Old earth"
    "Each life has many pictures, and all a work of Art " But what a silver
    symphony, " the Seasons of the Heart" "A time to teach , a Time for rest"
    and a Time to Sing, and Dance like a flickering candle we bring the Light"

    We Wish you many Blessings Tim ! Your missionary Sisters In Christ
    Estella and my daughter Lena from the Good 'O' South of Georgia !

  15. HI TIM, Nagyon szép ez a videó,a sas szárnyal a Fa fölött…a zene is szép (néha kicsit akadozik) de a legnagyobb baj ,hogy a fordítást váltogatja .a gép,.megírom magyarúl, mire a másikat hallgatnám -már angol… Ez Neked jó mert NEM kell fordítani..de amit itt fönt írtál azt nem nem tudom magyarra fordítani..Állítólag… szerver hiba…a Tv -mondta.
    Ma egy különleges nap… van ..a magyarok …nagyon kritizálva vannak, MÁS országtól, (erről többet nem írok ) de a kis "ember is szomorú emiatt..-ÉN IS.. "
    LETÖRLŐDÖTT az ÉRTSÍTÉS..-MOST hogy "nézem meg a "VALAKIM?"NAGYON "ROSSZ a magányos élet.. " Amerika !!!! meg messze van, hogy Te vagy a "Csapatodbó Valaki segítene.." Most nagyon kellene a béke , önmagammal is..Ez van…talán stabil lesz?
    Áldas és béke Neked, szeretettel Rebeka 🙂 *****2018 04 26 17:06🙂

  16. A breathtaking majestic landscape with Eagle!! I felt this is the view from the eyes of God!  Arigato* Tim.
    Is this 1:52:15 a New Piano Song? I felt a little Japanese-like.

    Today, we could see Mt. Fuji wonderfully from the 4th floor of our school building! It’s 160 km far from our school. It’s still covered the snow at the summit and it was beautiful. Yesterday we had stormy with rain and windy like Typhoon. Today it’s clear blue sky and the air is fresh, so Mt. Fuji looked very close and big! It was Magnificent!! I was touched very much. Together with your music, when I saw the scenery of Mt. Fuji and the mountains here, words caught my heart………to you.

    Your music…
    Like being in the sea of deep peace,
    Everything is freed from our heart.
    It is…. Love

    People who can meet wonderful music that the soul is pleased with …….are fortunate.
    Just like when we were able to meet a wonderful nature………are fortunate.
    Nature always harmonizes with great music in each moment.
    People who can compose nature themselves into music……….are exactly synchronized with the wave of God.
    It is ……God in the music
    It is….Love.

    Love and Peace on Mother Earth✦   MIEKO & ELGAR*

  17. Simply calming. Interestingly, I can allow the music to carry me to the same height of what appears to be an amazing "Red Tail Hawk." The images correspond beautifully with your always amazing music. Thank You, Mr. Tim Janis, for your gift and artistic team of creators that bring these stunning images together for a lovely dance with your music.

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