1. Hey thank you God blessings you all hope you have a wonderful happy weekend Tim angels be always be with you Tim Reno belle MEKO so my dear friends 👫 here bye Tim good night 🌙

  2. Please pray together to give Love and Light for the fire of the vast Amazon Rainforest!!!
    “Lung of the Earth”…..Please pray for this fire of the vast Amazon Rainforest (Brazil)!! Right now, Brazil's President Gile Borsonaro has ordered the military to call for fire fighting.
    God bless them, Nature Reserves, Indigenous Settlements, All Animals and Plants in the Amazon Region.
    Send love, gratitude and light to Amazon Rainforest .The destruction of the Amazon rainforest has been progressing in recent years. Experts say the area of ​​two central parks in NY Manhattan has been destroyed in a week. If the “Lungs of the Earth” disappear, about 20% of the oxygen in the atmosphere on Earth will not be supplied. It is indispensable to prevent Global Warming.

    Like this era of buying water, we must not leave children with a future to spend money for the air.
    Please pray for the Amazon Rainforest and beautiful Planet Earth like these beautiful video which Tim has been posted. May Peace Prevail on Earth* Mieko & Elgar with Love

  3. Hi Tim , always happy to hear from You ,Reno &Bella and that you are taking care of each other .Yippee 🙂 The channel that your concert is on Saturday is WMEM channel 49 on my T.V. Looking so much forward to it .Your music Tim is of "Incredible Beauty
    " bringing so much Peace ,Love ,Joy to my soul and I have had very deep healing from your music and that is why I had shared it with my Spiritual teacher that it was not only from me .If you wish I could tell you his name and you could see his credential .You have an "Incredible Gift "through your music I am so" Grateful "that you love to share it with us Thank You !!! Celtic Heart "is so beautiful every time it speaks to me and I am sure that I am not the only one .I am so happy to be one of them .I Thank God for that and You for having such a beautiful' Gift "(: also do not forget you told me I was the expert so now you can`t take my "Title " away lol,lol,lol, I am truly "Grateful "if I could share the whole story I would but it would take to long . Maybe some day who knows Have a wonderful weekend if your are still Salt Lake city .May God`s "Love and Light "surround You all and keep you all safe Always Much Love Christine

  4. Yes I’m here just to say hello good afternoon dear Tim Reno I was just watching this beautiful video oh amazing horses 🐎 I love ❤️ them so you’re beautiful lovely high mountains the music very relaxing I really enjoy it very much Tim thank you have a wonderful weekend with Reno belle bye Tim 🌹❤️
    Take care yourself Tim

  5. 💝💝💝 Hermoso regalo al corazón y al alma…. ( lo pongo en el televisor grande para que mi nieto de tres meses lo mire y escuche y se queda dormido por horas,pues se lo dejo prendido en volúmen bajo.) Bendigo al Eterno Dios por su vida y equipo de producción…..🙌 🙌

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