1. I listen to this bc my friends Betry me and I only have 4 friends left I had a ton but sometimes I cry I fricken (pun intended) I even lost one of my friends over drama DRAMA PPL it hurts to have that happen it's spost to be a sleep song HECK NO IM CRYING (pun intended) it's a sad song why am I even here oh yeah I'll tell u dat ( pun intended ) my friend told me and my other friends about this song she said it's a sleeping song NOOOOOOOOPEEEEEE ITS A SAD SONG

  2. I like to listen to this piano when i woke up and when i sleep , when i work , when i play sports , when i feel sad , this piano is good for everything 💔💘💘!!.

  3. Hey. I know we’re just strangers to each other. Completely strangers. We probably don’t even live in the same country. But we are both human. We both have feelings and personalities that define us. We love certain things. Whoever is residing this, I hope that you are well. Whatever you are going through, it will pass. Let god allow it to happen. You are loved by many, and cared by. Please stay strong and know that people love you.

  4. qurratayun safitrah iman
    hari ini aku ber mimpi
    aku ber mimpi
    impian pertamaku
    sejak aku memberikan
    seluruh hati ku buat
    kamu aku merasa
    impian ku
    semakin nyata
    belum pernah se nyata
    hari ini aku juga ber mimpi
    aku ber mimpi bisa
    selama nya
    merangkai impian ku
    ber sama kamu aku tidak
    takut lagi menjadi
    pe mimpi
    ber sama kamu aku ingin
    mem beri impian bagi
    hati kita
    karena hanya ber sama
    segala nya terasa benar
    segala nya terasa nyata
    segala se suatu nya
    ter capai
    bagi kita
    bumi hanya lah suatu angan
    yang ter angkai
    ber sama telapak


    selamat ulang tahun

    23 juni 2301

  5. I’m probably going to write a song to this girl I like but I think she’s dating someone else it brings a tear to my eye I just wanna cry but there’s this other girl I may have a chance with her cause she’s pretty smart and she isn’t my culture or religion she’s Jewish but I don’t care I’d still date her and my last option is to try to get back with my ex I could probably write a song if anyone is reading this can you help me write a song about any of the girls I’d really appreciate it

  6. PPFFT everybody has a sad story guess I will tell you guys mine ;-;

    When I was little it was hard to find friends I’m not good at making any but this one boy we became friends forever I liked it but as we grew he became meaner teasing me about how I looked I looked up to him he was like my brother but I ask myself am I annoying to you? We sometimes get along until summer had started when I was on vacation I came back he wasn’t here he left me but on my birthday before that he gave me a card I treasure he left me like my other friend I had this fake friend she didn’t care about my problems or depression all she cared about was boys I’m like are we even friends!? But we ramained friends until I move because without her I’m nothing I don’t talk or anything everybody left me except her… I miss him
    i wanted to write this it’s true but I don’t think it’s a sad song I like it but I wrote about it anyway

  7. Wow I actually got halfway through

    Edit: I finished the entire vid! I was reading a book, it was called Dragon Rider; The Griffin’s Feather if you were reading, comment which book you were reading

  8. My two great great grandmothers died. I guess this is a song for them😰😰😰. But at least there in a safe place 😇😇😇. Just 1 like this song for my two great grandmothers 😍😍😍 😇😇😇 🤩🤩🤩

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