1. Only Sadhguru knows his guru like he does… But I know Sri Palani Swami maybe a 0.0000000000000000000001 percent of what Sadhguru knows and that is enough … Because I always take Shiva's name while taking a shit.. it's just the way it happens to me I didnt know why… I now know why.

    You see Sadhguru and you think he is super human…. You just don't know SRI PALANI SWAMI GARU .. he can do anything he can do anything he can do anything.

    Even if I remain in bowing down position for the next 100 life yes it will not be enough to show my gratitude to SRI PALANI SWAMI GARU.

  2. Jaggi whats your Guru's Name?

    This Guru business you started is it because you want your followers to crawl like worms to you?

    Also you can try acting, you maybe able to pull it off.

    Hare Krishna!

  3. Guru ji! Without meeting u I still love u as u love ur Guru. Hearing ur poems I couldn't help but cry nd tears. If it's in destiny, someday I will be before u to touch ur feet. Stay blessed!!!😍

  4. because of someone bad life of lust and tortured into ritualistic SUCCESS into every goal into his lifetime achievement without any detail of payment for intelligence services you also are a former of Nature of the best time to get technical support former of Nature of the best players in jumping up and change things or you change yourself to a former of Nature of the best players in the world will occurring and moving away from the peaceful of mind made you a good time and enjoy well your auspicious occasion and this wonderful time of gorgeous seasoning of Earth

  5. I thought I'd never find this video ever again!!! I heard it one day years ago, loved it so much! Tried to find it a few days later, but couldn't… I love these poems by Sadhguru!!! So glad I found this video again 😁😁😁
    Namaste everyone!!!

  6. Na main pooja path jo keeti, Na main ganga nahayaan,

    Na main panj namazan padhyian, Na main tazba khadkaya

    Na main kiho rozey rakhen, Na main chillah ghumaya,
    Bulleh Shah nu Murshad milya jinhe aiven hi ja bakshaya.

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