1. After a recent hospital stay, I developed superficial blood clots that have resulted in the swelling of both arms between my bicep and finger knuckles. I try to keep my left arm elevated and over ice packs, but the swelling and heat remain. Could these 3 exercises help elevated my condition. I can not use blood thinners, and was sent home to use lovenex injections. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated

  2. Thank you so much.. I have always struggled with larger upper arms, then after my dx with b/c in my right breast and removal if lymph nodes, it seems to be a major problem.. I do have a sleeve but I only use it if I travel on a plane..

  3. Hey guys, couldn't help noticing both of you left your shoes on in the demonstration and on the treatment table….. maybe considering we all walk in off the street where theres old food, dogs, cats, birds and rats dribbling urine , plus human spittle and worse; gross :-(. I suggest its better practice and showing good example to always remove shoes…….

  4. I just recently had a mastectomy and lymph nodes removed…my arm appear a little swollen and surgery sight hurt a little. I tried your exercise I got some relief. Of course I will call my doctor in the morning. I will share this video with my Breast Cancer Support Group. Keep up the good work and thank you

  5. Good information. Looking forward to the next video with the legs. I am a cancer patient. Some of my lymph nodes were removed during surgery. Now I have swelling in my lower legs and ankles. I try to get them up when I am home at night and weekends. But by the end of the day after work they are very swollen. Also I am having trouble finding socks that fit my big feet and my swollen ankles. Any suggestions? I have tried the diabetic socks but they still leave marks and get too tight.

  6. One question out to our knowledgable pt: I've used to tell my clients to place their arm on a book shelf while in a seated position, kind of 110°flexion, the thought behinde it was that the  drainage would benifit of it while the patient could squeez their fingers / fist. (Hand, Ellbow, Shoulder in one line)
    Alternativly the client could apply mechanic pressure on the arm to increase the lymphatic vessle motoric.

    This was a exercise taught to me on a cource, however now reflecting the stagnating style makes me question if this is even beneficial.

    Would you please share your thoughts on that with me ? Thanks in advance!

  7. A little navigaion help for you kind people out there:

    3 Exercises

    1. Explanation 1:09 of the Deep Breathing (Always push out your BB while your taking a breath in. The Exercise itself can be found at 3:15)  *minimum* 3 times a day / 10 reps  

    Its demonstrated lying but whereas usage in other position is possible as well.

    2. 5:05 "Chicken wings" (3×10 wont harm here either)

    3. 6:11 Squeez the Shoulderblades Together (3 x 10 Times)

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