1. Fabulous, as always. Grateful for you, Tim. I wanted to open my eyes and take in the gorgeous scenery, but I also wanted to close them and listen to the sounds of the sea! Loved it, thanks! Fay

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for posting a beach practice. I'm in New York and it's cold as heck here so this workout is much needed and helps put my mind in my favorite place…the beach. I hope one day to do yoga on a beach in California as I've not been there in years. Your workouts are absolutely awesome. Have a blessed day! Namaste!

  3. I did this on a deserted beach in fuerteventura, with massive waves crashing on the beach. Have you been to the island….. surfers paradise!!
    Ps: no way can I do a balance like that on or off a beach 😎! And no way would I surf either!! 😂

  4. Dear Tim, Yes I do like the open public scenarios, you sometimes choose for your videos. It makes Yoga look like something as a daily routine that can and will be done everywhere. That's how it should be. Equally it gives the watchers some kind of "holiday" feeling. I live in Holland, and today we have a dark, wet winter's day. The Beach environment helps in this. By the way, great short flow as always, suited for the days when time is short.

  5. First: to answer your question about social media, no not everyone is exited on social media. People actually tend to be stressed on it. Social media platforms are like art galleries where one is the curator; we show pictures, videos, images and so forth of a narrative or story we want others to see. We also seem to document our life rather than live it and expose to the world our happiness. I can understand when people use social media as a business tool. However, for all the other stuff, I think its better to have friends and family around you to share intimate conversations with. On another note, nice video. I love the practices that are a bit more fast paced and raise the heart beat. Thank you.

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