1. DAY 4! YESSSS!

    Notice how each inhale provides a deeper expansion, and how each exhale is an opportunity to soften and surrender and relax.

    Today’s floor-based yoga practice deepens your connection to full body awareness and breath.This is a great practice to bring energy to the body in a non taxing or depleting manner.

    From the ground up! YOU ARE DOING AWESOME! Listen to your breath and the subtleties of your practice.

    You got this. Let me know how it goes down below!

  2. Trying to find Adrienne's quote that was along the lines of see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil. It definitely wasn't that but it was brilliant and I wish I had written it down. Does anyone know what I'm on about? 😂

  3. It feels like five minutes rather than thirty. You just make me stop worrying about the time passing, and the practice slowly allows me to find the peace of mind I’ve been longing for for so long. Not yet there, but we’re definitely on the way. Can’t wait for the next day.

  4. Also in the later gang. Always seem to end the practice with full body goosebumps, I can’t help but smile with the energy shivering all over! Really liked today’s and yesterday’s practice. Thanks again Adriene xx

  5. Hi Adriene, I initially started in the beginning of Jan and then felt guilty when I didn't continue and only occasionally did some light "before bed"-routines instead. Yesterday I finally took "day 3" and ooph, I really wanted to give up in between! Today felt already a lot better with the lighter "day 4" and I'm honestly a bit proud that I followed "a full routine" again.
    But no matter what yoga you and your videos bring to my mat, I just wanted to take these few moments to thank you for all the energy and effort you put into your channel. You're truly awesome and it's so touching to read all the thankful comments of people underneath your videos. Thank you! 🙂

  6. Hi Adriene, thanks so much for doing this. I really didn't want to do today, I just got dumped by my girlfriend and am a complete mess, but this really helped me feel connected to somebody and to centre myself a little, so I am so glad I did it. Thank you for helping me through a tough time

  7. I came back to this video after the 30 days of True because I injured my ankle and still needed some floor time. Great move on my part! The deep breathing is an instant mood boost and I feel so much better now (and less bummed out about my ankle). Adriene, your prana is absolutely beautiful and I admire and love both you and me for participating in this act of love that you have created. Namaste <3

  8. Damn Adriene, you're the best. Thank you for existing! FLOOR was a little challenging for me, so I went back to STRETCH and repeated the entire day 3 into day 4 and it felt AMAZING. I've told my friends about you, and I wish they'd try it! You've taken my muddled depressed mornings and given me something to smile about and really brought me back into sync with my body. It's a perfect way to wake up my body and mind before running, singing, or dancing.

    You made a big impact on day 1, when you talked about my motivation… Now with each movement I make, I know why I'm doing it and what it means to me. Thank you! big hug

  9. It's so nice yo read these comments and realise that I'm not the only one who struggled with this one! I've only just started this journey but I'm sticking with it, and it's lovely to know I'm not alone♥️

  10. I'm starting this 30 day challenge a little late – but better late than never! This one was super tough for a girl with lower back/hip problems.. but after trusting in the yoga, trusting in you and pushing through – I feel GREAT! So excited for the rest of this challenge. Thank you for your work, it's doing wonders for my body and my mind <3

  11. This series is so amazing !!! Ah! I'm a college student and my schedule is packed fulla stress and constant obligations/assignments/studying. This series is saving me, physically and mentally. Thank you so much for this. I just finished day 3 and I can't wait to wake up in the morning to do this one! 🙂 So much love! Namaste. <3

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