1. With all due respect, you do not need to avoid these things completely. I track my calories and I am cutting at 1900 a day. The majority of my calories come from all nutritious foods. As long as you factor it into your overall calories for the day, you can still enjoy your favorite foods, alcohol, and even some sweets. You just have to do it in moderation. To say you can’t have any alcohol at all is just ridiculous. I used to believe all this about condiments and alcohol and all it did was make me feel deprived. For example, my go to drink is a shot of Belvedere vodka mixed with a Bai drink for a total of 80 calories. I will take my dog for a mile walk to burn off 80 calories just so I can have that drink on the weekend, and it has no negative impact whatsoever! Vic is right about these all adding empty calories, but as long as you plan accordingly you can easily enjoy them with no negative effects at all. If you don’t believe me, look up some videos from Sean Nalewanyj and Mike Matthews. Besides Vic, they are two other online trainers that are very trustworthy.

  2. Great video Vic! What would you recommend for someone who is eating a lot of carbs throughout the day. I've seen generally slowly cutting carbs and increase amount of protein help with fat loss and stay full.

    For example, my family eats a lot of noodles, rice, and sometimes bread. This is why I drink protein to ensure I have at least decent protein intake (decent amount of calories for 2 scoops but better than a soda or sweets of course). I am going to take a break from drinking protein and focus on more lean meats with protein.

    Thank you very much Vic! Peace

  3. Hey Vic. Thanks for answering my question about who you considered your biggest mentor during your live stream. Loved hearing about your dad/mom and their influence they had on you.
    Also, great video. On a related note, I have a question; what are your thoughts on the ketogenic diet? I am wondering about embarking on this diet but would like a trustworthy opinion on it. Peace and muscles.

  4. does ice cream counts in sweets ? i eat 1 ice cream daily to reach my macro goals with clean food i think sweets like ice cream can help you reach your daily goals

  5. First to comment? Yeah. 😊
    So, Hugh Jackman has retired from X-Men movies. To me, you look like a perfect Wolverine. I can't sometimes tell you apart from Hugh Jackman. And as always, nice video. 😊

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