1. This woman is an idiot. (period, point, blank) "We were not expecting this," WTH, you were having unprotected sex with a woman who got pregnant 8 times in the past, yet you were not expecting this? Tommy, you are correct. This is one slow mother humper.

  2. My mother had six kids. My old man never took a nickle of public aid. Five of us went to college. God damn these blacks are dumb as fuck. What's the gestation period for a black woman? 3 months? 5 months?

  3. The difference is that she is not making hate videos about how black men are deadbeat baby daddies horrible fathers Etc based off her personal experiences with the fathers of her kids. Where you make hate videos bashing your own people because of your personal mommy and daddy issues

  4. There are people who have a third of the amount of kids that she has and still can't be half the mother she is. If you all only knew how the system worked. First off she's not on welfare she makes too much money to be on welfare. When you're on these government assistance programs they want to know every penny that you have. for government housing you can get kicked off for only having $2,000 in your savings account and if you make more than minimum wage most of the time you can't get food stamps. she is a business owner, entrepreneur and an awesome mother and wife. 9 kids is a lot nowadays but back in the day couples were having kids in the double digits. Why do you tear down your own people so much? Why do you turn down her so much? You just can't figure out how she has 8 happy healthy kids, clean house, eats good every night, and works her butt off for it all. It's called #blackgirlmagic💪🏿

  5. Can you do a video on this girl name Olivia her YouTube channel is Livin with the webbs . they got 3 kids but she has a young baby and was pregnant again but had a miscarriage and says she is a sahm and call her babies food stamp babies.They not married and when she told him she was pregnant he straight disrespect her .I'm so tired of these women feel entitled to have more kids just because their bodies can this is so sad

  6. The women defending her are women just like her, multiple baby daddies, a bunch of kids, and no job. I can’t believe she has that many kids before 30, I’m 23 with none and only want one or two but I want to wait a few more years. That’s probably why her ass is so immature, she grew up too fast being fast with boys.

  7. Well D is getting some more pussy from another woman besides you but everyone know that's fake what you did your car because how you cussing at her I'm pretty sure she would have been loud back at you and you would have heard her through the ear part of your phone well his phone so with that being said the phone was quiet we didn't he respond back so you're lying fake

  8. That was a Act it won't surprise me if that was him calling his own phone so she can put an act on like it's another woman calling me that's phony when she said hello you don't even hear the other person on the line saying anything so that's fake quiet background you should have heard the other person answering her call when she said hello so that's fake she blew it oh, you think we are so dumb when we got news for you we're not done especially me I know that was fake and you're fake right along with it you have someone call that phone and that's part of your show so you can get likes and viewers and scribers fake ass hair hat ratchet ass woman.

  9. See just like all the rest of the women fake that was nothing but a acting because I'm like Tommy Sotomayor he's going to be in the house with his phone and then check this out if she just answer his phone in a woman on the other line asking her questions and she cusses him out why is she still sitting in the car a black woman will get out the car and go in the house to see what the f*** is going on and confront him that a woman call your cell phone and who in the f*** is this b** that's what a woman would do especially a black woman like her so with that being said that was fake and that was nothing but entertainment because that's what other women likes to hear and she can trick them cuz other women is dumb they would think that actually happened and she know that she just trying to get viewers and scribers and likes that's all she's trying to get phony as f*** fake ass hair hat Hoodrat ratchet ass woman your fake in your husband don't need to be with you even though he f*** up because he's going to be put on child support but that's okay you need to get the hell away from her cuz he's full of s*** behind your back.

  10. You expect that you have three babies how long it take to know that you can have another one when your dick go in her pussy you just didn't want to pull your dick off because you are pussy whipped and that pussy got you in a lot of trouble your life is over and she know and she's happy and if you do anything she's not mad because she would find another sucker and have his baby too and go down in line with all men men needs to wake up and learn what women doing to us destroying our life with babies that's all they concerned because when they have a baby they get money out of it and that's all they after is the money that's why she have so many babies by you because she's going to get a big paycheck from the government and income tax checks and from your dumbass you f*** up she mailed you oh, you know how men say we going to get a women pregnant lock her up well guess what she locked you up and now you are stuck have to pay money for the rest of your life you're done good luck I don't have to suffer like you only have one baby feel sorry for you.

  11. And my brother your life is over you is married to her so anything you own is hers so you're stuck with her for life and you would never have nothing in life because all those kids is on you and Jordy of your money is going on those kids Jordy her money is going on other stuff that she need that's life and that's how women are and that's the power women have against us man we don't have no power women have it all so your life is done you might work chalk it up you won't get to really enjoy your life.

  12. I bet you seen these getting some kind of government assistance because with all those babies she need government help that's why the government is about to take over y'all women life when it comes to having babies y'all doing too much and it's s*** burnt out now.

  13. Well, I got news for all you Hoodrats, the president if you don't know this about to pass a law on all you are hat Hoodrat chicks ratchet too, this is what about to happen Donald Trump is about to pass a law on women that's getting pregnant so he can take care of them and give you money and everything else benefits and all that well he's about to change that and how he's about to change it is like this women is only allowed to have two babies and he will take care of them, after that if you have any more babies after two babies you're on your own and he is not taking care of them with that being said I am so glad that he's doing that or in the process of doing that because that was stopped a lot of pregnancy because a lot of you women barely can take care of yourself so with that being said you guys will start wearing safety because you know you won't have no backbone to lean on and with that God bless you here hat Hood ratchet women your free money and free everything that the government give you is about to be over with you women have burnt that up and threw it under the bus those days is over with the government taking care of y'all and y'all planning having babies cuz y'all know that's the easy way to get money well that s*** is over with now I hope you all get this message so y'all can get your life together and wake up and learn from this because when it hit the fan a lot of y'all is in trouble 2019 is when it starts or should I say when it goes in effect so with that being said that's something that y'all need to look at with that buy hair hat.

  14. Top 3 lies Black Women to tell

    3- The lie: Ihave a fiancee.
    The truth: She bought the ring her self and she forgot to tell the guy he was engaged.

    2. The lie: I'm married.
    The Truth: They're getting long in the tooth and/or some how they think saying they're married when they're not makes them virtuous.

    1. The Lie: I'm a nurse. The truth: Theyre really Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) or Nurses Aids (NA). No shame in being an aide but they obviously feel its beneath them or they wouldnt lie and say they're nurses!!!

  15. Shes almost 30 and has 8 kids and number 9 on the way. Will u fuckin tie, and burn your tubes. Enough is enough. Get off welfare. She says she starting to get spooked about birth control pills. But she sure as hell ain't spooked about dick and the little swimmers that shoot out if it.

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