1. Love this! Haha I wear just about anything on my mat… traditional work out clothes, harem pants and a halter top, underwear and a t-shirt, a bralette and leggings, or sometimes nothing at all! 🤐 You’re right, it’s just the fact that you’re practicing that matters. ✌🏻 Btw, love that you’re posting videos again! Keep them coming!

  2. I live in Scotland, I often have to practice in basically a ski suit! Short t shirt, long t shirt and jumper with thick jogging bottoms are all needed for savasanah. And sometimes a hat too.

  3. Dear Yoga Giril (Rachel) , Thank you so much for sharing your life and stories! I watched yesterday for the first time your TED/Aruba and made me reflect. I've been alcoholic for my last (at least) three years and made me think in so many ways. I've been in Yoga for my last three days and just breathing, listening great and inspiring people like you I have lower the volume of my alcohol consume, specially because I included Yoga in my life as well as watching or listening you with positive messages! Of course, My goals are bigger them lowering my beverage amount, but… thank you for the entire encouragement and enlightenment!! from the button of my heart, my endless thank you!

  4. I love this video! As I practice first thing when I wake up most of the time I'm in my PJs or underwear. And when I teach classes I DO wear more classic yoga clothes 🙂
    Have a beautiful day!!

  5. Loving the weekly videos so far!
    The one thing I like to wear when doing yoga is a comfy bra but other than that its whatever I feel like 😀
    I am partically fond of your unicorn outfit, i might have to get one myself.

  6. At first when I started practicing I was really pressed about getting perfect yoga outfits so I could take perfect instagram pictures of my perfect poses for challenges. 3 years later I practice yoga in my underwear, I hate yoga challenges, and I don't take pictures anymore.

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